Green Milestone For GreenPacks – 500 Articles

October 31, 2008 / 1 Comment

Well it's actually 501 when this one gets published on the front page. A couple of minutes ago, I just looked "inside" GP and I was pleasantly surprised to see that "You have 500 posts". That's our good deed. That's how we try to be better stewards for our Planet, for the environment we spend our lives in. It's been more than ...

UK’s Royal Society Explores Adventurous New Ways to Curb Global Warming

October 31, 2008 / No Comments

Global warming is one phenomenon that has pretty much grown into the biggest demon the planet is trying to get off of its back and not too surprisingly, we have not been all that successful till today. Despite growing concerns over how the greenhouse gases must be controlled and their volume curbed, it seems the progress is either too slow or ...

Green Example – The Cley Marsh Center in England

October 31, 2008 / No Comments

Ever heard the legendary Bruce Lee talk about how the perfect weapon is "an extension of the fighter's mind and body"? Well, in the exact same fashion, the perfect green structure must be an extension of the planet. It must be one with the ecosystem, around it rather than stick out like a sore spot. That is precisely what The ...

Dizzy Depths: Climbers Explore One of the World’s Deepest Shafts in Tian Xing, China

October 31, 2008 / 2 Comments

It seems that after finding the highest spot on the planet - that's Mount Everest, man is now obsessed about looking inside the crust and what actually lies under his feet. Deep shafts, natural mines and underground series of caverns and caves are not a cup of tea for everyone, places where even the most experienced climbers and adventure sports ...

Let’s Make it Clear: We Can Not Eat Money !

October 31, 2008 / No Comments

I know you guys can read, but I just feel like saying it out loud, again. "Only when the last tree has died, and the last river has been poisoned and the last fish has been caught, will we realise that we can not eat money" There's so much truth in that ... - via AmericansAreBrainwashed

Halloween in the Air: Giant Shiny Skull Crafted from Recycled Kitchen Utensils

October 31, 2008 / No Comments

"Recycle, Reduce and Reuse"- If the planet is what is at your heart then that is the mantra for you. Different people have various ways of recycling stuff and while some ensure that the recycled products are useful, the others make sure that they are works of art that spread the message. The giant, shiny metal skull made from recycled kitchen ...

California’s First Solar Thermal Plant in 20 Years

October 31, 2008 / 1 Comment

Solar energy is without a shadow of a doubt, the leader when it comes to renewable energy sources. It seems that the State of California is assuming the mantle of being the new "Sunshine State" in the US with its amazing progress in utilizing solar energy to the optimum level. Even the economic meltdown that hit the country so hard ...

Summer Phoenix – A PETA Activist and More

October 30, 2008 / No Comments

Summer Phoenix is a PETA activist. She has also been a vegan since birth. Additionally she is an avid supporter of several environmental and animal rights causes and charities. She comes from a family of actors and actresses. Her brother Joaquin Phoenix was in Gladiator and Walk the Line among other films. Speaking of Joaquin, he has just quit acting to ...

Why is the Statue of Liberty Green?

October 30, 2008 / 4 Comments

The Statue of Liberty is dubbed as a symbol of freedom to the shackled, a symbol of hope to the deprived, a symbol of refuge to the homeless and beyond all, a glorious symbol of human spirit and its undying faith in a better tomorrow. The planet today is at a delicate and vital turn where every move we make ...

Wood Gas-fueled Plant in Japan wins Best Renewable Energy Power Plant of the Year

October 30, 2008 / No Comments

Yamagata Prefecture in Japan has a wood gas-to-energy power plant powered by gas engines made by GE. The project generates power from renewable biomass resources that are in abundance and would otherwise be treated as rubbish. The plant which is owned and operated by Yamagata Green Power a subsidiary of renewable energy development firm Japan Biomass Development, received the Best Renewable Energy ...