Man Feeds Tiger, No News. Tiger Feeds On Man, News

June 7, 2008 / No Comments

All this talk about there not being enough food to go around apparently made one tiger take matters into his own hands, um, paws. An 11-year old 150kg (330lb) Siberian tiger killed a 40-year old male zoo keeper in Kyoto, Japan. Officials had to shoot the tiger with a tranquilizer gun and wait for him to konk out before they could get ...

Airlines to Charge Customers Based on Their Weight?

June 7, 2008 / No Comments

If this i's true, more and more Americans may not be able to afford plane travel before long. With oil prices soaring and the prices breaking record after record - $139.12, do I hear $140? How about $150?, the airline companies are taking crazy measures to make sure they're not going bankrupt. With prices having tripled in the last eight years ...

Britney Spears in a Black Electric Escalade

June 7, 2008 / 1 Comment

A few days ago Britney Spears spent some quality time together with her kids in Studio City, California and to be honest we're really glad she's getting her act together. What's even more interesting to us greenies is that her Cadillac Escalade low rider has a groovy electric engine. Could that be the only vehicle she's allowed to drive ...

China is Major Contributor to World Food Security?

June 7, 2008 / No Comments

Toot toot! That would be China blowing its own horn. China's agricultural minister is claiming that the Middle Kingdom is a major contributor to world food security for the simple reason that the big Panda feeds one-fourth of the global population. Yeah, right. China takes care of her own. Whoopdee doo! What if every country was satisfied that it were able to just take care ...

Scientists : We Have the Cure for Cow Farts

June 7, 2008 / No Comments

Because scientists think (know) more than half of New Zealand's greenhouse gases are from massive amounts of methane produced from sheep, cattle and deer farts, those same scientists decided to turn off the gas valve genetically. So they did. The Kiwis have managed to map the genome causing those animal belches and gas. Meaning, they have the cure for cow ...

Coolbiz in Tokyo

June 7, 2008 / 1 Comment

"Cool it!" If somebody doesn't tell the Japanese to "Cool it" they won't. The hardworking and diligent in the land of the rising sun will don a suit and tie, sweat bullets and otherwise maintain their appearance until the cows come home unless someone tells them it's okay to do otherwise. It's okay! Japan's Environment Minister participated in a fashion show at Tokyo's Midtown. The ...

Spiderman Climbs for Global Warming

June 6, 2008 / No Comments

The Global Warming monster's days are numbered. It's all over but the shouting. Where's the fat lady when you need her to sing. Spiderman is climbing to fight global warming. He and a buddy climbed the 52-story New York Times building to raise awareness to global warming. The higher he climbed, the higher the temps maybe? Thanks, Spidey. Now, where's Superman when you need him? source

100 Million Flowers Around Beijing

June 6, 2008 / 1 Comment

I have no idea how many flowers 100 million are. I mean, what kind of space can that cover? Beijing will know. From June 20th, Beijing will start decorating the streets with some 100 million flowers. Out of a total of 2,000 types, 576 breeds of flowers were selected: 1. rose 2. pansy 3. morning glory

The Andes Mountains to Double Their Height in 4 Million Years

June 6, 2008 / 2 Comments

Did you know that mountains grow at a relatively fast rate (a few mm each year) until the forces that form them are no longer active? Apparently that's the case with the Andes Mountains which are one of the longest and highest mountain ranges in the world. For millions of years the Andes grew slowly. Then all of a sudden, 10 ...

Honda Has an SUV-sized Vehicle That Goes 1,300 Miles between Fill-ups

June 6, 2008 / 1 Comment

Leave it Honda to build an ultra efficient SUV-sized vehicle that can cover 1300 miles between fill ups. It carries 6-8 passengers - 8 Japanese but just 6, sometimes 5 or even 4 Americans. But it doesn't come cheaply. The vehicle costs $1.5 million and the fuel costs are about 80 cents a mile. Comes to about $1000 per fill-up. (These figures ...