Costa Rica to Shut Down Zoos and Release Animals into their Natural Habitats

August 5, 2013 / No Comments

Though Costa Rica is small in size, it is rich in biodiversity. The country spreads across a mere 0.03% of the earth’s surface, but is blessed with lush forests that is home to 500 thousand unique organisms and represents over 4% of all the known species on Earth. Some of the species from the wild have been captured and put in ...

Rome Zoo Serves Meat-Flavored Ice Lollies to Help Animals Beat the Heat

August 23, 2012 / No Comments

With torrid heat hitting Rome, and bringing the temperature to 40C this week, the authorities at the Bioparco Zoo are looking for new methods to protect the 1000 animals living there from the heat wave.  In that bid, they have prepared giant meat-flavored ice lollies to feed tigers and lions. Monkeys are served with yogurt filled bamboo canes, frozen fruit ...

Stars Line Up Against Factory Farmed Pork

February 9, 2011 / No Comments

A new film, Pig Business, looks at how factory farmed pork are developed and supports to end the practice of raising animals in factories as well as better being of ‘farmed for food’ animals. Sienna Miller, Stella McCartney and other stars supporting the film are pushing for a ban on factory farmed pork in Europe.

China Bans Animal Circuses; Warns the Zoos to Stop Abuse Against Animals

January 24, 2011 / 1 Comment

China government has come up with a new animal welfare law that will ban animal performances at zoos and other attractions, and bans zoos from serving dishes made from rare animals. The new law will be encouraged by the animal welfare activists across the country as there are some abhorrent activities existing against the animals there.

Montgomery Animal Shelter Closing – Confusion or Computer Virus?

September 23, 2009 / No Comments

The Montgomery County animal shelter in Conroe, Texas, closed gates on Monday, September 19, due to lack of funding. The sad news has made the rounds on the biggest social media websites, including Facebook and Twitter, causing a widespread confusion that all animals without a home were supposed to be euthanized.

Are any of the 12 Chinese New Year/Zodiac Animals on the endangered species list?

June 2, 2009 / No Comments

Greenpacks is not the only folk that love animals.  The Chinese do, too. And since I (Bill) have an interest in China, I thought I'd introduce them here and answer one question. [caption id="attachment_5404" align="aligncenter" width="468" caption="Canadian polar bears stranded on ice"][/caption] Here are the 12 New Year/Zodiac animals -

6 Million Dollar Penguins Meet Godzilla

May 5, 2009 / No Comments

[caption id="attachment_4895" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Bionic (Aqua) penguins by Festo"][/caption] I remember the 6 million dollar man and the Bionic woman, but there might be a new TV series in the making - the Bionic Penguin. Penguins are know for how snazzy they dress. Now they can be seen flying through the water. But look carefully because these are actually robots— the ...

Mikel Uribetxeberria’s Animalia in Humans’ Wild

January 26, 2009 / No Comments

Basque photographer Mikel Uribetxeberria is trying to say something. His work dubbed Animalia, is all about the effort animals have to make in switching places with the humans. Somehow trapped in a hotel room or the subway, the amazing creatures are all bored, peaceful and not happy to see the what the human wild is all about. It's the abnormal ...

15 Deadly Effects of Global Warming: A Catastrophe in the Making?

January 13, 2009 / 2 Comments

There is a point beyond which you cannot trample with the mightily patient Mother earth. She has taken everything that has been thrown at her and has tried to balance the planet and keep it up and running by making tiny adjustments and giving us gentle jolts once in a while. But when the planet that you call home is ...

Lifejackets to Rescue the Polar Bears from melting ice!

November 19, 2008 / No Comments

There is absolutely no doubt that carbon emissions caused by excessive use of fossil fuel and our callous cutting of trees have caused global warming to creep up to such dangerous levels that it is causing a serious threat to the polar ice caps and all the animals that reside in the cold paradise. Polar Bears have been stranded on melting ...