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Unexplored Oil and Gas Resources in the Arctic, Mostly Russian

May 29, 2009 / No Comments

They say the balance of power shifts with the control over natural gases and oil reserves. It might be the right notion with Russia, US, Canada and Denmark staking their claim over the region that falls north of the Arctic Circle. These countries would get back to staking their claims as scientists from the USGS in collaboration with international researchers have ...

Arctic Sea Ice, The Thinnest Ever Going Into Spring

April 8, 2009 / No Comments

The Arctic ice is the thinnest it has ever been at this time of the year.  What's more, it's spring and summer is on the way. Researchers are saying that some 90% of the Arctic ice is just 1-2 years old. The researchers are with NASA and the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Colorado. [caption id="attachment_4461" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="The ...