Kris Kuksi’s Toy Sculptures are Nothing Like Toys

November 20, 2009 / No Comments

Sculptor Kris Kuksi's excellence makes itself evident with these sculptures. Amazing as they look, they are in fact upcycled examples of old, discarded toys. The sculptor uses discarded toys to create these haunting sculptures that carry a medieval-ancient look. Old toys do make a major part of the sculptures, but the artist also uses other items like statues, mechanical part, or ...

Aurora Robson Excels in Transforming Trash into Art

May 19, 2009 / 1 Comment

On show recently at Designers & Agents Green Room, Aurora Robson’s unique artwork has been a refreshing combination of intricate patterns and colours. Her work uses recycled materials that are stylishly highlighted with solar-powered LEDs. Aurora Robson, hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is a contemporary artist who works with installations, works on paper, paintings, sculpture, video, photography, and performance art. She ...

Turn Everyday Objects Into Contemporary Art

March 11, 2009 / No Comments

If you've been wondering what to do with all those paper rolls, pizza boxes or shopping bags instead of recycling them the old fashion way, Japanese Yuken Teryua has a brilliant solution. An elegant and highly attractive collection of recycled materials that has been turned into eco-art. Yuken seems like a gifted artist with a vision, that finds beauty in ...

Plants Like Art – Calabash

October 6, 2008 / No Comments

A calabash is an annual vine with white flowers and a smooth, large, hard-shelled gourd. It is also called bottle gourd, white-flowered gourd. What's more, the little fellow can be molded and shaped into volleyballs, Buddhas and gargoyle heads...among other things. [gallery] I am not sure I get this. But, a grower in Lanzhou, the capital of China's Gansu province used ...