Audi A1 e-tron tops Silvretta Electric Car Rally

July 13, 2011 / No Comments

German luxury automaker Audi has once again grabbed the title of overall winner in the Silvretta Electric Car Rally conducted in Austria's Montafon region.  If it was R8 e-tron's who garnered the title for Audi in 2010, it was chance of the Audi A1 e-tron to follow the ‘tradition’ in 2011. But another Audi participant of the rally, a Q5 fuel ...

Audi A3 TCNG to Run on E-gas; Production Starts in 2013

May 30, 2011 / No Comments

If everything goes right, year 2013 will mark Audi’s production of an eco-friendly vehicle christened A3 TCNG. The vehicle will be part of company’s recurring efforts to neutralize the CO2 balance across the entire mobility chain. Holding aloft the motto "Audi Balanced Mobility" Audi has begun a comprehensive initiative on sustainable and CO2-neutral power generation and mobility. A3 TCNG will be ...

Audi e-tron A3 Variant Revealed

April 11, 2011 / No Comments

Adding to the car maker’s lineup of e-tron concept vehicles, Audi has unveiled an A3 variant. Looking similar in design with the standard model, the new A3 variant comes with notable changes in the interiors.

Audi Type C e-tron to Arrive for International Toy Fair

January 21, 2011 / No Comments

Audi, making its second appearance in Nuremberg at the 62nd International Toy Fair, brought the Auto Union Type C e-tron study along with a bunch of other innovations. Though the vehicle has a 1.5 hp electric motor that turns the rear wheels and is named e-tron, it is more of a toy than a car.

Edison2 Wins Progressive Auto X Prize for Fuel-efficient, Low-cost Car Design

September 17, 2010 / 1 Comment

Edison2, designed by Ron Mathis has won the Progressive Auto X Prize, for developing featherweight conventional car that runs on gasoline or ethanol. The Auto X Prize is a race to build the most fuel-efficient, low-cost, production-ready vehicle. The prize money goes into the design of the most efficient eco-vehicle in the contest.

Audi Shows the A1 e-tron Concept at Geneva

March 3, 2010 / No Comments

Now that the Geneva Motor Show is in full swing, a number of interesting cars have made their debut. Amongst these is the Audi A1 e-tron concept. The e-tron functions somewhat like the Chevrolet Volt, that is, the concept makes use of a range extender engine to power the batteries. A1 e-tron uses the power dense Wankel rotary engine/generator for ...