Brazil to Introduce Biofuel Buses for World Cup 2014

August 15, 2013 / No Comments

Brazil, the world’s largest biofuel producer is getting a real chance to promote its efforts in bio-fuel industry, as the country is hosting the next World Cup Football in 2014. Reportedly, Brazil is introducing bio-diesel buses for transport during the World Cup season. A Brazilian company named the Biotechnos Projetos Autossustentaveis is currently working on the biofuel project. According to Marcia ...

Win-Win for Green Cabbie Paton

August 30, 2010 / No Comments

A taxi fleet owner in Scotland is due to get his second environmental award for 2010. His mission to make a green impact in the taxi industry is getting noticed and acknowledged.

Plane Makers Move Toward Eco-Friendly Initiatives

July 27, 2010 / No Comments

Airplane maker Boeing has unveiled an ‘ecoDemonstrator program’ – which aims at speeding up technological advances that will serve to heighten fuel efficiency, operational efficiency and noise reduction. The commercial aviation industry has been seeking to achieve carbon neutral growth by the year 2020.

Scientists pressure cooking micro-algae into bio-fuel for greener economy

April 27, 2010 / No Comments

The outlook for the bio-fuel market worldwide seems cheerfully optimistic with new ways to produce the eco-friendly fuel, regularly hitting the headlines. Several types of algae have been widely explored as a viable source for bio-fuel in the last few decades, however if this one becomes a success then we could soon have farmers growing microalgae ...

British Airways Turns to City Waste for Fuel

February 15, 2010 / No Comments

British Airways will soon start using fuel sourced from municipal waste. According to a deal British Airways signed with US based biofuel company Solena Group, by 2014, a portion of the jet fuel required by the airways will be sourced from municipal waste. Likely to be located in London, the plant will produce 16 million gallons of green jet fuel ...

Architects See Biofuel Producing Eco Pods Aid Construction of Stalled Projects

September 21, 2009 / No Comments

As the economy took a beating, a number of construction projects were stalled and abandoned. The Boston Globe asked architects to have a look at such sites and come up with new projects that would be feasible, and also help improve the city. One of such buildings is the Filene development in downtown Boston. The structure of the building is ...

Asia Losing Biofuel Dream

March 4, 2009 / 1 Comment

Can't win for trying. Fossil fuels prices are back down and now Southeast Asia is unhappy. Malaysia and Indonesia produce the bulk of the world's palm oil = the two countries had much to offer the biofuel industry and stood to make a killing by gouging the world on prices for the commodity during the fossil fuel price hikes. However, when crude ...

Biofuels Could Be Banned in Muslim Countries

February 25, 2009 / 2 Comments

Although biofuels help fight gobal warming by potentially helping us to respond to the challenges we face, it's true that there are drawbacks associated with them. Like threatens for food prices to drive up in poor countries or negative effects on soil protection and bio-diversity. However, we're pretty sure these are not the reasons why Muslims may prohibit use of ...

10 New Biodiesel Refineries Open Up in India

February 12, 2009 / No Comments

In what is being hailed as a major step towards going green in the developing world, Bharat Renewable Energy, a joint venture between Bharat Petroleum Corporation and Nandan Biomatrix, announced they will build 10 new biodiesel refineries in India. [caption id="attachment_3950" align="aligncenter" width="468" caption="Jatropha Field in Uttar Pradesh"][/caption] Considering that green initiatives are few and far in-between in this part of the ...

Biofuels in the News in Japan

December 18, 2008 / No Comments

Biofuels are in the news in Japan. A Japanese research group is claiming a first - a cleaner/greener production of biodiesel fuel - the "non-catalytic superheated methanol method." "At a pilot plant the group was able to continuously produce 400L of fatty acid methyl ester (FAME), a biodiesel fuel, out of 500L of raw material oil every day." They also succeeded in ...