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Bird Extinction Rate Rising Alarmingly

October 11, 2012 / No Comments

Human activities have made hundreds of bird species disappear from the face of the earth. Around 279 bird species and subspecies have already been wiped off the earth’s surface during the past 5000 years, a new study suggests. The extinction rate was on the rise in the early 1900s and slowly started to decline. But according to the new research, it ...

Three More Birds Join the Critically Endangered List

May 15, 2009 / No Comments

With 12% of the total bird species listed as critically endangered, it's no surprise that this year three more joined the list. [caption id="attachment_5082" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Ethiopian Sidamo Lark"][/caption] The Ethiopian Sidamo Lark could potentially become the first African bird to be declared extinct with the Savanna getting thronged with more bushes. Then there are the medium tree finch from Ecuador's Galapagos ...