We Wee For the Environment – Part 2

October 16, 2009 / 1 Comment

I have heard tales of long-distance truck drivers relieving themselves in gallon milk jugs instead of stopping for a restroom break.  Sometimes they have been thrown out the window instead of stopping for proper disposal.  Now there is a solution to eliminate this potential biohazard road litter in addition to reducing your vehicles NOx emissions.

We Wee For the Environment – Part 1

October 15, 2009 / No Comments

The Mazda CX-7 4X4 is an environmentally-friendly vehicle and is only available in Australia at the present time.  It emits virtually no Nitrous Oxide compounds.  The NOx compounds were blamed during the acid rain fears of the 1960’s.

Not Evil Just Wrong Documentary Goes After Gore and Inconvenient Truth

November 17, 2008 / No Comments

Not Evil Just Wrong Documentary is pledging to do to Al Gore and his Inconvenient Truth what Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 did for George W Bush. You all can yell at me later, but I totally believe in free speech, open and honest discussion. Watch out as I attempt to take a leap into the Prop 8 arena here. When ...

FIGHT! Bush vs California

June 20, 2008 / 1 Comment

There's going to be a fight and if nobody else wants to take on Bush, California will do it for sure. Bush wants to lift the 27-year old ban on offshore drilling. Yesterday I brought this topic up at a lunch meeting with friends. (I live in Silicon Valley) One friend immediately blurted out "Fat chance of Bush lifting that ...