Don’t Vote if you Don’t Care, But Vote if you Care

October 3, 2008 / No Comments

That may be a weird title, but there's something behind. Leonardo di Caprio and the guys at DeclareYourself.com came out with a video where most of the Hollywood celebrities tell you to go register and vote if you care about your country. If you care about the education system, welfare, the minimum wage, women's rights, civil rights, the economy but ...

15 Hot (Women) Celebrities that Posed Nude for the Planet

July 10, 2008 / 72 Comments

Not sure about you but when I find 15 hot women celebrities (probably even one) who will take their clothes off to turn me into a vegetarian, I'll really think twice about it. More exactly, we're talking about famous celebrities here. Beautiful ladies that decided to go nude for our planet and are really making a difference in fighting global ...

Pamela Anderson goes green, or pink

June 2, 2008 / 1 Comment

It doesn't matter if you're a star, have a huge bank account or if your name is Pamela Anderson, because high gas prices shouldn't be ignored. The paparazzi recently caught the blonde actress in Malibu, California, pedaling on a pink bicycle with some Starbucks goodies in her hand. We at Greenpacks are going to take a bow to Pamela Anderson, and no ...