Quick Development of Nuclear Power Wanted in China

June 12, 2008 / No Comments

The world's speed and nuclear power do not belong in the same sentence, but sure enough China is doing its darnedest to build as many nuclear power plants as it can, using OLD technology. Their target is 4 new generators each year, through 2015. However, the nuclear plants are going to be just a partial answer for its mounting pollution, ...

China is Major Contributor to World Food Security?

June 7, 2008 / No Comments

Toot toot! That would be China blowing its own horn. China's agricultural minister is claiming that the Middle Kingdom is a major contributor to world food security for the simple reason that the big Panda feeds one-fourth of the global population. Yeah, right. China takes care of her own. Whoopdee doo! What if every country was satisfied that it were able to just take care ...

GreenPix – Zero Energy Media Wall in Beijing

May 5, 2008 / 1 Comment

After seeing the green wall in Madrid I expected to see more and more walls being covered with plants, but this one does it as well. In China at the Xicui entertainment complex in Beijing, they've created this massive and astounding self-sustaining color LED display wall that is completely powered with photovoltaic cells. They also claim that the GreenPix wall ...