Geoengineers Mull Over Creating Artificial Clouds to Quell Global Warming

August 22, 2012 / No Comments

Global warming is crushing the world in its tight clutches and as an offshoot of this, the US now faces severe problems like harsh droughts and climate change. The nation is now striving hard to find possible solutions to check global warming. Wonder what scientists are doing to put a full stop on such irksome effects on the globe? They are ...

Cloud Tower to be Erected in London for 2012 Olympics

December 8, 2009 / No Comments

The Cloud is the name of an observation tower, designed with glowing spheres, connected to very light transparent towers. The designer behind all this is Carlo Ratti, who heads the MIT SENSEable Cities Laboratory. The tower is going to become a major landmark, and it will be constructed through fundraisers and support from the society.

Dust Cloud from China Circles the Globe More Than Once

July 29, 2009 / No Comments

Clouds caused by a colossal dust storm in Taklimakan desert in China in 2007 completed more than one full circle around the globe in 13 days.  The dust cloud – measuring about 1.9 miles vertically and about 1,242 miles horizontally – was formed in Xinjiang, in north-western China. Interestingly, the cloud remained in that formation all through its journey around ...