Coca Cola

Coca Cola to Use Plant-Based Materials and Recycled Plastic to Make Bottles

September 13, 2011 / No Comments

Green seems to be top priority at Coke. Coca Cola, one of the largest soft drinks makers, is planning to come out with a new packaging for their products, with care for the environment in mind. The MNC’s new objective is to use plant-based materials and recycled plastic to make their 500 ml bottles. The company says bottles will be made ...

Coca Cola Intros Eco-friendly 3D Vending Machines

December 8, 2010 / No Comments

The high-tech 3D vending machines that the Coca Cola Company introduced in Japan have been uniquely designed as eco-friendly equipment. Since refrigeration equipments are among the largest contributors of carbon footprints, this brand new machine could be considered as an effective step in attaining the goal of reduction of green house gases.

The 111 Navy Chair Made From Recycled Coca Cola Bottles

March 30, 2010 / No Comments

Most of the times we "Open Happiness," the Coca Cola bottles made from PET end up in landfills, which admittedly, isn't quite good for the happiness part. Aluminum furniture creators Eneco partnered with Coca Cola for a better use of these bottles, and created the 111 Navy Chair, which is a version of the furniture maker's well known line of ...

Coke Announces Greener, Plant-based Bottles

November 16, 2009 / No Comments

Considering the sheer volume of bottles Coke sells every year, the company's announcement to move from PET bottles to a blend of plastic and 30% plant-based materials, is more than welcome. The new sugarcane and molasses based bottles will have 25% less emissions when compared to traditional bottles.

Coca Cola, Pepsi get ‘greener’ in Japan

June 8, 2009 / No Comments

[caption id="attachment_5474" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Shiso Pepsi in Japan"][/caption] The Coca Cola, Pepsi war is nothing new but, this time it brings a smile to our face for the reason is very 'green'.  Coca  Cola has launched a new drink-green tea Coke- to counter the stiff competition Coke faces from non-carbonated drinks in Japan. Also dubbed the Coca-Cola plus Catechin, this new ...