Dogs Wag Their Tails According to Their Emotions

November 7, 2013 / No Comments

Researchers seem to continuously arrive at the conclusion that dogs wagging their tail indicate what emotions they have in their minds. In 2007, a group of Italian researchers observed that when the dog wagged its tail to the left, it showed negative emotions and when it was to the right, it showed positive emotions. In another study that was released recently ...

Tale of Unique Animal Love Unfolds in Wynnewood

May 30, 2013 / No Comments

In this world where humans find it difficult to adjust with each other, here is news of a crippled lion and dachshund hitting it off. The lion has found friends in 3 more dogs too and is now living under one roof. The king of jungle is a gentle giant to its puppy companions. The 500-pound lion, Bonedigger and 11-pound dog, ...

Golden Retriever Nurses Abandoned White Tiger Cubs

August 4, 2008 / 10 Comments

Isabella, is a golden retriever at the Safari Zoological Park that recently got famous. Famous for nursing three white tiger cubs born one week ago who were abandoned by their mother. © AP Photo/The Daily Reporter, Rob Morgan/Scanpix Though it's unusual for dogs to care for tiger cubs, Isabella who just recently weaned her own puppies, had nothing against it. Actually, she ...