Dolphin Virus Infects Bottle-Nose Dolphins in Florida

November 14, 2013 / No Comments

The measles-like virus that is killing hundreds of dolphins along the east coast of the United States has reportedly spread to Florida too. NBC News said that the morbillivirus, which already took the lives of 753 cetaceans, is now making its presence felt in Florida, where bottle-nose dolphins are appearing on beaches dead or dying. Teri Rowles of the NOAA Fisheries Marine ...

Dolphin Shows Coming to an End in India

May 22, 2013 / No Comments

We agree it is worth enjoying dolphin performances in the pool. But using dolphins as entertainers will come to a skidding end in India. The India government has decided to ban dolphin shows, a noble move intended to protect the smart creature. Late last week, the Ministry of the Environment and Forests in India issued a statement banning “any person/persons, organizations, government ...

Stranded Whales Rescued off SW Australia

March 31, 2009 / No Comments

Yo mamma is so fat that she has her own zip code. Yo mamma is so fat that people sit next to her at the beach to get some shade. Yo mamma is so fat that 20 Greenpeacers tried to throw her back into the ocean. Funny. Not funny... about 80 long-finned whales beached themselves in Hamelin Bay, Western Australia. Five bottlenose dolphins joined ...