eco-friendly technology

A Greener IIM Calcutta in the Offing

August 19, 2010 / No Comments

The Indian Institute of Management in Calcutta will be offering a new course on eco-friendly technology as part of it post graduate program for executives. The course will be included from the 2010-11 session say sources.

Stylish Potenza promises an eco-friendly city ride

May 14, 2010 / No Comments

Each day we come across new designs and technologies that promise to make commutation lot easier for us in the future. Designed by Nicolás A. Jara, Potenza an innovative four- wheeled vehicle too reassures us with the same.

Cement Producers Work at Cutting CO2 Emissions in China, India

October 30, 2008 / No Comments

Cement companies in Japan are getting in on cutting down on CO2 emissions and hope to help their counterparts in China and India do the same. The Japan Cement Association is taking the lead by sending engineers to China and India to produce estimates for how much CO2 can be decreased. Japanese cement makers are working with the Ministry of Economy, ...