Pininfarina P4/5 Competizione All Set for the Coming Season

February 2, 2012 / No Comments

Sports cars, including F1 machines, are going hybrid these days as if there was a condition prevailing which enables the hybrid cars to win every competition. Statistically this may sound true, but nevertheless, the Pininfarina P4/5 Competizione is getting a hybrid power-train soon enough. The Ferrari P4/5 is officially known as the Ferrari P4/5 by Pininfarina and is a one-off sports ...

F1 has Second Thoughts on Electric Propulsion

August 10, 2011 / No Comments

Formula One definitely seems to be backtracking on the whole idea of electric propulsion, after a lot of raised eyebrows and safety concerns. Bernie Ecclestone, CEO of Formula One Management, has decided that during the 2014 season, the F1 cars will not be propelled by electricity alone, after all. Earlier, FIA’s new technical regulation had called for an expansion of the ...

Formulec EF01, Fastest All-Electric Race Car, Set to Roar

May 17, 2011 / No Comments

The Formula One circuit is shifting gear toward global electric trends. Formulec EF01, the world’s fastest all-electric race car, points to one such possible situation. Built for the F1 track, the Formulec EF01 is a single-seater electric race car that is efficient and can attain high speeds. Most importantly, it sports sustainability properties and has the highest regard for the ...