Indonesia to Boost Shrimp Farming with Eco-friendly Technology

January 31, 2014 / No Comments

The Central Sulawesi provincial administration in Indonesia is all set to champion a new, environmentally-friendly technique for the growth of shrimp farming production. A new technology, will help for the cultivation of the vannamei shrimps. The Supra Intensive Indonesia (SII) is soon going to replace the farming technique. SII was launched in October by Indonesia Aquaculture Community head Rokhmin Dahur  in ...

Window Farming Concept by Mexican Designer Suits Urban Windows

January 20, 2011 / 1 Comment

Mexican designer Jose de la O has come up with an alternative way for the people who are looking to practice urban agriculture. The outstanding feature of this proposed method is that people can build their own farm even if there are no gardens or balconies around.

Artist Grows Manga Veggies

April 13, 2010 / No Comments

Popular and entertaining as mangas might be, those comics do end up in the recycle bin at some point of time, no matter how hard you try to save your collection. Tokyo-based Japanese artist Koshi Kawachi thought of a better way, and put mangas to use as a gardening medium.

Organic Farming, The Clean and Healthy Option?

March 26, 2009 / 1 Comment

The growing world population and the fact that each year we need to feed more mouths, means that farmers are forced to derive the maximum out of the same agricultural land available. The problem with such an approach is that most often synthetic materials and pesticides creep into the local ecosystem due to their excessive usage and it is just ...

New Holland’s NH2: Taking the hydrogen fuel cell to the farms

March 12, 2009 / 2 Comments

At this point, the hydrogen fuel cell industry seems like the way to go when it comes to an emission-free future. But the concept is still a long way away both in terms of striking the technological and economic balance that is needed. However, that hasn't stopped the folks from New Holland in taking the revolutionary green technology to the ...