Fashion Accessories from Recycled Toad Skins

November 27, 2013 / No Comments

There is no limit to creativity nowadays, and what happens when someone get creative with toad skins? KOBJA! Well, yes, brand KOBJA makes designer belts, bags and purses from the skin of an invasive species of toad! KOBJA, which is owned by Jarosz, has a cult following. The accessories are made of a species of fast reproducing poisonous toad, which, right ...

Atmospheric Ball Gown is Made of Recycled Fishermen’s Jackets

April 26, 2012 / No Comments

Wouldn’t you too love to have the deep blue ocean playing on your attire? A piece of fabric that brings in all the fun of the blue seas on to your ball gown has been designed by Santa Monica-based architects at Minarc.  Significant about the new fabric is that it has been made from recycled fishermen’s jackets and repurposed rubber. Iceland-based ...

Computer-Generated, Low-Waste Eco-Fashion Technology Debuts

August 3, 2010 / 1 Comment

A new fashion technology by Indian fashion designer and technologist Siddhartha Upadhyaya, of eco-fashion label August Fashion, has ventured into a hitherto unexplored area called Direct Panel on Loom (DPOL). The technology makes use of a process which utilizes a loom, attached to a computer and weaves made-to-fit garment sections. These garment sections are then sewn together by hand making ...

Ultra weight Paper-Feet, sustainable sandals cost next to nothing

May 14, 2010 / 1 Comment

Eco-friendly fashion accessories are a rage these days, and if you could not afford one just because it cost a pretty penny, then here is your chance. Designer Jimmy Tomczak’ has designed the stylish Paper Feet sandals from recycled material, and cost next to nothing.

Eco Fashion: The One Where Roadkill is Style

March 26, 2010 / 2 Comments

Here's how the story goes; people like wearing fur, they kill animals/ get animals killed so they can wear fur, and when not doing that they are killing animals with their impressive driving skills. Okay, the last one is mostly due to accident rather than intent, but still, many animals breathe their last on the road. James Faulkner sees the ...

Austrian Designer Proposes Sustainable Fabric Made From Body’s Bacteria

October 30, 2009 / 2 Comments

Austrian designer Sonja Baumel has a proposal that is interesting and appalling at the same time. The designer is at work on a project called “(In)visible Membranes: Life on the Human Body and Its Design Applications.” As the name of the project suggests, the Life on the Human Body is a reference to the invisible skin bacteria on our skins, ...

Aeronautic Engineering Influences Eco Fashion With ‘6 Degrees’

October 23, 2009 / No Comments

Aeronautics and Fashion may be world's apart, but they come together seamlessly in the work of former aeronautic engineer and present fashion designer Renee Corrick. She gave up aeronautic engineering and after taking some classes in Australia and at Seattle's New York Fashion Academy, Renee became a full-fledged apparel designer.

Biofashion Show in Columbia

December 2, 2008 / No Comments

Juan Herrera, Cristhian Vargas, Ibeth Jaramillo, Angelica Fernandez, and Pablo Dorado are Colombian fashion designers who know as much about fashion as I reckon any other fashion designer does. It looks good on stage but where you going to wear the things? These folks are different, however, because their fashion is all about bio-themed creations. Cat of nine tails made ...

Recycled Newspaper for Fashion

October 14, 2008 / No Comments

This is weird. In China the girls are wearing recycled newspapers as part of their fashion. University students can be seen wearing the fashion creations in the southern city of Haikou in South China's Hainana Province. I suppose that's one way to get students to read a newspaper. "Hmm...I wonder what I am going to wear today?" "Why not try the sports page, ...

When Recycling Goes Too Far – Fashion Shows?

October 7, 2008 / No Comments

Those of us who love our planet and think there is nothing that shouldn't be done to care for and be good stewards of Earth might want to reconsider that thought after viewing these pics. There was a fashion show in Budapest where the models wore creations made of recycled materials. What the materials were is a mystery to me, ...