Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicles Price Would Range Around $50,000

May 6, 2013 / No Comments

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles don’t cost the same as they used to during the early stages of their introduction. The cost has come down drastically from the time of prototypes to workable models. Prototype fuel cell vehicles amounted to $1 million each at the time of development many years ago. But that, according to the group vice president of strategic planning ...

GM and US Army Launch Military Fleet of Fuel Cell Vehicles

February 27, 2012 / No Comments

The US Army has officially released a fleet of 16 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles that the military services in Hawaii are testing in an effort to research efficient, clean and renewable energy sources, and reduce the US military’s dependence on petroleum. During a February 22nd ceremony at the historic Palm Circle at Fort Shafter, Hawaii, officials from the services including the ...

Fuel Cell Boom Round the Corner

October 10, 2011 / No Comments

Fuel cells offer the benefits of zero-emissions operation without the range and charging limitations of pure battery electric vehicles (BEVs). While the market for FCVs has been slower to develop than many anticipated a few years ago, major automakers including Toyota, Daimler, GM, Honda, and Hyundai have all stated that fuel cells are a critical piece of a complete clean ...

Opel Fuel Cell Vehicle Gears Up for Post-2015 Debut

July 27, 2011 / No Comments

Opel is certainly not having the best of times, these days. However, it appears like the carmaker is thinking on a long term and has devised plans to seize back its market. Fresh talk flying around signal a release of a new model from the Opel stables by late 2016 or early 2017. The company has said that the upcoming model could ...

Mercedes-Benz to Set Up Fuel Cell Plant in Canada

March 25, 2011 / No Comments

Mercedes-Benz has revealed plans for building their own fuel cell plant in Vancouver, Canada. The manufacturing plant will provide new age fuel cells for the Hydrogen powered hybrid cars from the Merc stables. Mercedes had collaborated, efforts with Accumotive GmbH in Germany in battery technology.

Fuel Cell Technology Finally Coming to the Market? Horizon Think So

January 4, 2010 / 1 Comment

Fuel cell technology has been discussed for years, but it seems that this year may finally mark the introduction of it to the public. Horizon have been hinting about various products that utilize such technology for a while now - and while their latest announcement is still just a promise on paper, they seem to be very confident that the ...

Fuel Cell Boat’s First Cruise Through Amsterdam’s Canals

December 9, 2009 / No Comments

A canal boat using fuel cells for power made its first cruise this Wednesday. The "Nemo H2" has a capacity of 87 passengers, and is the first boat to utilize new fuel cell technology, which combines hydrogen and oxygen to create electrical power and water - while also leaving no harmful traces in the environment, emitting only water vapor.

Fuel Cells from Human Waste, Cookie Dough

January 6, 2009 / No Comments

Two Japanese companies have come up with alternative ways to get hydrogen for fuel cells - one from dough and the other from human waste. Kajima suggests microbes can created hydrogen from human waste. A prototype has alread been created that generated 130W from a cubic meter of waste. Commercially available by about 2020. [caption id="attachment_3390" align="aligncenter" width="386" caption="Not sure what she ...

Daimler F-Cell Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle

November 28, 2008 / 1 Comment

Daimler's F-Cell Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle was parked at the 2008 SF Auto Show this week when I attended. Other than Toyota's Fuel Cell car, well half of it, this was as close as I had come to the car of the future. Meaning the hydrogen fuel cell car will always be in the future. Based on an extended version of ...

2008 SF Auto Show: The Real Reason Why Toyota’s Fuel Cell Car Can Get Such Good Mileage

November 26, 2008 / No Comments

I got to attend the 51st Annual Auto Show in San Francisco. I went for the intent of seeing what's going on in the green world. Being in Northern California, I expected to see a whole lot more than I did. Still, I saw some. Some pics will follow in subsequent posts, including a $455,000 Porsche. Here I discovered the reason ...