fuel consumption

Effects of Vehicle Fuel Economy, Distance Travelled and Vehicle Load on Amount of Fuel Used Studied

March 6, 2013 / No Comments

The fuel consumption in vehicles can be checked by bringing about changes in 3 parameters, such as vehicle’s fuel economy, distance travelled and vehicle load. A study conducted by University of Michigan along with Sustainable Worldwide Transportation on the extent of travel in personal vehicles and fuel consumption based on data obtained from the US Department of Transportation (RITA, 2013) ...

Google Self-Driving Robot Car is an Innovation to Note

October 11, 2010 / 1 Comment

Google has secretly been developing an autonomous, self-driving robot car. The company has driven their fleet of intelligent robot vehicles over 140,000 miles around California for test drive. These vehicles use artificial-intelligence software which helps it in sensing nearby objects and make decisions like that of a human driver. The innovative idea, which is still in its earlier stages, is ...

Korean Air Appoints Teddy Bear Crew to Spread Green Message

July 8, 2010 / No Comments

It is all about going green in the skies. Korean Air is bringing in a unique eco-friendly management system in its bid to cut down on the environmental impact of air travel. Korean Air has appointed a pair of 'Teddy Bear Crew' to spread the green message.

IBM’s intelligent traffic light system helps improve fuel efficiency

May 31, 2010 / No Comments

IBM has come up with a novel plan to redeem those habitual to wasting fuel on the traffic signals by keeping their engines running until the signal goes green instead of turning it off.  The company has applied patent for a new technology that would stop or start engines at the traffic intersections with the aim to improve fuel efficiency.

Red hybrid double-decker bus symbolizes 21st century London

May 18, 2010 / No Comments

London’s distinctive taxis and double-decker buses are iconic symbols of city’s transportation system. The famous metropolis is all ready to shift to a cleaner, greener model of double-decker buses which was introduced recently as the red emblem of 21st century London.

Nissan picks Hawaii for early launch of LEAF Electric Car

May 12, 2010 / No Comments

Hawaiian Islands are globally renowned for their incomparable scenic beauty comprising pristine beaches, glorious sunsets and tranquil waters. It is the Hawaiian residents’ spirit to retain the islands timeless radiance by remaining committed to clean energy that even after having met the most modern luxuries, the place maintains its eternal charm and beauty.