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Justin Timberlake’s Green Golf Course in Tennessee Reopens

September 7, 2010 / 1 Comment

The eco-friendly Tennessee golf resort owned by entertainer Justin Timberlake has been reopened. Reports say the musician has spent a fortune in the green makeover. The luxury resort in Mirimichi was closed down in January by Timberlake, and work was done on improving the golf course’s greens, irrigation systems and bunkers.

Teeing off On a Greener Turf: Eco-friendly Golf Balls Arrive

July 7, 2010 / No Comments

Just when you though that golf could not possible get any greener – a Tempe company comes up with eco-friendly Dixon Earth golf balls. This is the only golf ball in the world that can be recycled further into several other products – playground equipment, artificial turf, experimental putter just to name a few.

Justin Timberlake’s Green Golf Course Opening on July 25, 2009

July 8, 2009 / 2 Comments

Justin Timberlake, 28, the American pop singer, songwriter, dancer, and actor, recently bought an old golf course and invested $16 million to renovate it. He has renamed the course that he bought – Woodstock Hills – as Mirimichi Golf Course.  It opens on July 25, 2009

The Donald and His $2B Golf Course

June 11, 2008 / 1 Comment

The Donald as they like to call Donald Trump wants to create a $2 billion playground golf course in Aberdeen, Scotland, home of golf. He got environmentalists and one very stubborn farmer, to stand in his way. Trump wants to bring his New York style development plans to an environmentally sensitive stretch of coastline, a legally protected site of scientific interest ...