LED light bulbs

iLumi Intelligent LED Light Bulbs Run for 20 Years

November 30, 2012 / No Comments

You will find many intelligent light bulbs available in the market, but before you go for one just give iLumi a look. The new iLumi, displayed this week on Indiegogo, is an energy-efficient LED bulb that lasts for 20 years and can be controlled by any smartphone. iLumi’s HyperLux technology allows the bulb to be programmed through Android and iOS operating ...

LEDs to Soon Become Popular for General-Purpose Lighting

December 17, 2009 / 1 Comment

LED technology has been developing very rapidly lately, and it's nearing the point where we'll be using LED-based lightbulbs for most of the lighting in our homes. ISuppli, a semiconductor research company have predicted a growth in their LED lights sales for the next three years that goes into the double digits.

LED Light Bulbs to Enable Wireless Technology

October 13, 2008 / No Comments

As the world is stepping towards the future, people have begun to realize how fast they are exhausting their natural resources. Every effort is being made to conserve all kinds of energy, and so is it for non-renewable energy sources. A technology is being developed which would help us reduce our great dependence on non-renewable energy resources, thereby cutting down on ...