LED light

Sylvania unveils affordably priced LED lamp to replace 60W bulb

May 14, 2010 / 1 Comment

Only recently, we talked about the XL prize money announced by the US government for offering an alternative to the 60-Watt incandescent light bulb that would consume 10 Watts and give at least 900 lumens. Philips remains the sole contender with its USD $10 million LED light bulb that meets the criteria. Osram Sylvania too has introduced a general-purpose LED ...

OASIS Solar Stainless Steel Lantern works all night long

May 10, 2010 / No Comments

Portable lighting device such as lantern has always been a popular indoor and outdoor illuminating source. However, keeping them alight for long has always been a problem since most of them either make use of some or the other form or fuel or else utilizes battery.

Solar powered LED Flower blossoms in the dark

May 7, 2010 / No Comments

Perhaps, its’ the effort involved in strengthening energy efficient credential of an application, that technological functionality pervades the aesthetic aspect in a device. A Dutch design student Wendy Legro draws inspiration from a naturally blooming flower and lends an artistic touch to her light source Morning Glory.

GE’s LED Bulb Ready for Action

April 12, 2010 / 3 Comments

GE has announced an LED bulb that is ready for action and will likely dim the heat on incandescent bulbs. The bulb in question is scheduled for availability later this year, and will be as bright as the conventional 40 Watt incandescent bulb. It will however, consume just 9 Watts of power.

New Concept Paints Your Ceiling in Light

March 5, 2010 / No Comments

Lighting has always been a major issue when it comes to conserving energy. The currently used methods all have their disadvantages in some way, and the biggest one seems to be related to placement - you're fairly limited in moving your lights around after placing them.

LED Light Bulbs That Will Last 30 Years

October 27, 2008 / 4 Comments

If you are in search of an energy efficient but smart looking replacement for your CFL light bulbs, then you can end your hunt here. Frog Design has come out with an innovative LED bulb which is shaped like the conventional bulb instead of a LED, and what is more interesting is that it lasts for a good thirty years. This ...