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Reusing Lightbulbs Creatively – Turn One Into a Terrarium

November 30, 2009 / No Comments

Incandescent light bulbs are becoming more and more rarely used, being replaced by  more efficient solutions. However, don't be quick to throw your old ones out - you may still be able to do some interesting things with it. For example, turn it into a small terrarium for moss and other small vegetation.

LED Light Bulbs That Will Last 30 Years

October 27, 2008 / 4 Comments

If you are in search of an energy efficient but smart looking replacement for your CFL light bulbs, then you can end your hunt here. Frog Design has come out with an innovative LED bulb which is shaped like the conventional bulb instead of a LED, and what is more interesting is that it lasts for a good thirty years. This ...

Fluorescent Bulbs that Last 13,000 hrs by Panasonic

June 13, 2008 / No Comments

How long is 13,000 hours? 541 days is the answer. One year and a half. That's how long we can leave a Pa-Look Ball Premium Q (quick) compact fluorescent light bulb on, before it burns out. It's the industry's first "hybrid lighting method", meaning it has instant brightness. The bulb is an energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly choice for homes and companies. Until ...