Electric-only Buses Come to London Roads

December 31, 2013 / No Comments

In the midst of people crying out for bike friendly roads rather than electric cars, here comes London’s first only electric bus. And yes, there is a sizeable crowd pleased to go the electric way, given the practicalities of bike riding may always not be fruitful. For London, this year’s Christmas gift is all about improving mass transit and advanced battery-electric ...

Sanitov Bikes with GPS Technology Debut

September 23, 2010 / No Comments

Sanitov Studio launches their new C-Type Cargo bike that features an innovative GPS tracking system. The C-type Cargo bike is a simple design coupled with brilliant construction techniques. This elegant model is suitable for transporting goods as well. The technology of GPS incorporated in the design connects to a tracking system to track statistics about daily cycle routines.

US Embassy in London to go Carbon Neutral

February 26, 2010 / No Comments

After winning a design competition, Philadelphia architects KieranTimberlake have a $1 billion project on their hands in the shape of the new US embassy in London. Plans for the new "carbon neutral" embassy were put forth after the current embassy, built in the 1950s turned a bit inefficient for day to day work, and had neighboring residents up in arms ...

Every London Citizen to Have Access to a Recharging Station Within a Mile in Five Years

January 4, 2010 / No Comments

The mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has made a promise to his citizens - that in five years, the town will be equipped with thousands of strategically positioned recharging stations, so that every single citizen will have access to one within a mile at most.

Cloud Tower to be Erected in London for 2012 Olympics

December 8, 2009 / No Comments

The Cloud is the name of an observation tower, designed with glowing spheres, connected to very light transparent towers. The designer behind all this is Carlo Ratti, who heads the MIT SENSEable Cities Laboratory. The tower is going to become a major landmark, and it will be constructed through fundraisers and support from the society.

London Speed Bumps, to Power Up the Streets With Green Energy

February 16, 2009 / 2 Comments

Speed bumps are not really something you would be raving about if you happen to own a vehicle, but the latest "models" in London are all set to change that conventional perception. The new speed bumps designed by Peter Hughes and will reap free energy every time wheels roll over them. With a cost from £21,000 to £55,000 depending on size ...

Recycling Campaign in London: Starve Your Bin

February 9, 2009 / No Comments

Remember the "funny" guy with the British humor that was talking to his bin? Well the story continues and this time we can understand more about the recycling campaign that mayor Boris Johnson is promoting for London. "Despite recent reports of a downturn in the market for recycled materials the Mayor is confident that the recycling market will recover. Over 60 ...

The Vauxhall Sky Garden in London, to Produce Food

November 17, 2008 / 1 Comment

With the modern world stretching out vertically, rather than horizontally, it's also inevitable for our green structures and gardens. Amin Taha Architects are building gardens in the sky in their new Vauxhall tower, with 25,000 square feet of communal gardens, each three stories in height. The new green structures may not only be a great place for evening walk and social ...

Skycar Takes the Wheels to the Sky with Biofuel

November 17, 2008 / 1 Comment

Covering a distance of over 3700 miles in air, purely powered by biofuel is something that even the aviation industry would be proud of. But UK's Skycar Team is trying to do that in a car with a giant fan, a powerful engine and a parachute. Skycar is probably the most exciting green vehicle that is waiting to make it out ...

London Taxis Electrified by Geely Automobiles of China

October 21, 2008 / No Comments

The Chinese car maker Geely Automobiles which is a partner of the black London taxi maker Manganese Bronze has been negotiating plans with the UK government to transform the London cabs into electric cars. Chairman Li Shufu elaborates that he has had talks with the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson at the Beijing Olympic Games - this August, and that Geely ...