nuclear plant

Japan Green Signal to Reopen 2 Nuclear Reactors

June 20, 2012 / 1 Comment

Despite all the protests going on in the country, Japan has decided to reinstate two of their nuclear reactors at Ohi for compensating the power grid. The government remains adamant about their decision as they strongly believe that the need of the many outway the needs of the few. Power is one major factor the country needs and the most ...

France Urges the World Towards Nuclear Power Development

March 8, 2010 / No Comments

Nicolas Sarkozy, president of France, has made an odd statement today - saying that poor countries need nuclear power in order to develop properly. He's urging rich lenders to support a global nuclear expansion, which should help fight climate change problems, and satisfy the ever-growing demand for energy in the world.

Jordan Signs Nuclear Protocol with China

November 26, 2008 / No Comments

Nuclear energy is not all that bad if you know how to tap into its vast potential in a proper fashion and if you can find the right way to dispose off the toxic waste. Even though it is not the ideal alternate energy source, it still is in a certain sense far better than fossil fuel. Jordan is one of ...