Nuclear Power

France Urges the World Towards Nuclear Power Development

March 8, 2010 / No Comments

Nicolas Sarkozy, president of France, has made an odd statement today - saying that poor countries need nuclear power in order to develop properly. He's urging rich lenders to support a global nuclear expansion, which should help fight climate change problems, and satisfy the ever-growing demand for energy in the world.

Russia, Japan Likely to Sign Pact on ‘Non-military Use of Nuclear Power’

May 14, 2009 / No Comments

[caption id="attachment_5034" align="alignright" width="250" caption="Russian nuclear suit"][/caption] Russia says it is likely to sign a pact with Japan on nuclear power plant. Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister of Russia, told the Japanese media in Moscow that he expected to sign the agreement during his visit to Japan this week. The Russia-Japan deal on nuclear power plant would be one of the many agreements that ...

Japan Sets New CO2 Record

November 18, 2008 / No Comments

Japan's greenhouse gas emissions hit a record high making Japan the world's fifth-largest CO2 producer and putting them at risk of an embarrassing failure to meet its Kyoto target over the next four years. The increase of 2.3 percent last year was largely due to the closure of Japan's biggest nuclear power plant after an earthquake. Emissions rose to 1.371 billion ...

McCain Calls for 45 New Nuclear Power Plants, Clean Coal Technology

June 20, 2008 / No Comments

Soon-to-be Republican U.S. presidential candidate, John McCain wants to add to the 104 nuclear reactors currently operating in the States. He wants to add 45 nuclear power plants by 2030. Additionally, he wants to pledge $2 billion each year in federal funds "to make clean coal a reality." The 104 nuclear reactors produce about 20% of the country's electricity needs. And America ...

Quick Development of Nuclear Power Wanted in China

June 12, 2008 / No Comments

The world's speed and nuclear power do not belong in the same sentence, but sure enough China is doing its darnedest to build as many nuclear power plants as it can, using OLD technology. Their target is 4 new generators each year, through 2015. However, the nuclear plants are going to be just a partial answer for its mounting pollution, ...