McCain Pounds Obama in Presidential Debate in Nashville on Clean Coal

October 7, 2008 / 1 Comment

McCain will be the winner in the presidential debate in Nashville when it comes to clean coal, pounding Obama (not your diamond in the rough) into a smoldering ember ready to burn out in a matter of weeks. It won't matter what the two say or do during the debate, the media will present Obama as the leading candidate, the winner ...

4 Reasons Why Obama is Green with Envy as Lynn Forester de Rothschild Picks McCain

September 17, 2008 / 1 Comment

It can be expected that Obama would be green with envy as Lynn Forester de Rothschild picked McCain to back in the upcoming election. McCain told Ohioans he preferred their company to Hollywood celebs. The AP says "Lynn Forester de Rothschild has said she thinks Democratic nominee Barack Obama is arrogant and has a problem connecting with average Americans. Rothschild is a member ...