Panasonic to Donate 100,000 Solar Lanterns in Asia and Africa

April 18, 2013 / No Comments

Japanese electronics giant Panasonic will celebrate its 100th anniversary by donating 100,000 solar lanterns across several countries in Asia and Africa. It is estimated that over 1.3 billion people on earth have no access to electricity and they usually depend on kerosene lantern to provide light after dark. Those kerosene lamps release toxic fumes and also are not efficient or bright. Solar ...

Panasonic Eyes Green Market in Middle East and Africa with New Range

April 12, 2012 / No Comments

Electronics major Panasonic is eyeing a major chunk of the Middle East and Africa markets with a new range of eco-friendly products. Ranging from Viera televisions to Lumix G series cameras the list includes audio visual equipment, air conditioners and air purifiers. And, all of them sport the green tag. In the product line up are the first ever tropical inverter ...

Panasonic to Work With Tesla on EV Batteries

January 7, 2010 / No Comments

About a month ago, Panasonic's president, Fumio Ohtsubo, made an announcement that the company has plans to invest $1 billion in developing green technologies. It seems that not only was he serious, he actually already had solid plans in mind.

Panasonic Plans to Spend $1B+ on Eco-friendly Energy Technologies

December 20, 2008 / No Comments

Panasonic is planning to spend Y100 billion ($1billion+ depending on the yen rate) to develop eco-friendly energy technologies like rechargeable batteries and solar cells. This plan is in align with the company's desire to acquire Sanyo Electric for a sum close to $9 billion. Sanyo's strength is in rechargeable batteries (leader in Li-ion batteries) and solar cells (ranks 7th), which Panasonic considers ...

Toyota’s Next-Generation Battery Plans

June 15, 2008 / No Comments

Toyota Motor Corp is so far out in front of the pack when it comes to fuel-efficiency, that objects in the mirror really are smaller than they appear. The company has set the standard for hybrid cars and the use of lithium-ion batteries but it's not enough because they have a plan to launch a plug-in hybrid car with lithium-ion batteries ...

Fluorescent Bulbs that Last 13,000 hrs by Panasonic

June 13, 2008 / No Comments

How long is 13,000 hours? 541 days is the answer. One year and a half. That's how long we can leave a Pa-Look Ball Premium Q (quick) compact fluorescent light bulb on, before it burns out. It's the industry's first "hybrid lighting method", meaning it has instant brightness. The bulb is an energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly choice for homes and companies. Until ...