Bubble Structures Enthrall Streets of Paris

December 8, 2010 / No Comments

Paris has got a new feather in its cap. The two new bubble like structures which house a garden in one and a jungle in another have breathed a fresh air onto the streets of Paris, standing unique amidst the other concrete buildings.

Lost in Paris House, Blends With the Scenery

February 24, 2009 / No Comments

In case you liked the green wall in Madrid, here's something that breaks the conventionality. Blending with the trees and the nearby green, here's a creative design by Parisian-based architects from R&Sie Architects who turned a concrete house into a living home. Dubbed the Lost in Paris House, here's a 130 sqm structure has been covered with more than 1,200 ferns ...

We Love Animals, We Love Pandas, We Love Parades

October 21, 2008 / 1 Comment

We love animals at Greenpacks. We love pandas at Greenpacks. What could possibly be better than one animal, or one panda? How about a whole parade of pandas?! Good grief, and we thought that the pandas were about to go extinct! No way! Paris is being invaded by the chubby fellows ... some 1600 of them. The paper mache pandas were ...

Air Pollution Levels in Paris – Displayed on a Helium Balloon

July 11, 2008 / No Comments

People in Paris can now stay informed on the air quality they are breathing. A company called AĆ©rophile has built a giant tethered helium balloon, the AERO30NG AĆ©rophile 5500 model, that will display real-time reports of ambient air quality and air pollution produced by auto emissions using an innovative lighting system, which can be seen from more than 20 km (12.4 ...

Recharge Vehicules Electriques: Self-Serve Electric Car Pools by Paris` Mayor

May 7, 2008 / No Comments

Bertrand Delanoe, the actual Paris mayor said that if re-elected he will build the "Autolib" which is a self-service electric and/or hybrid-electric car system, that will include 300 free re-charging stations in different parts of the city and 2,000 cars (electric and hybrid). This car-sharing system may be a solution that would reduce car congestion and may solve some of ...