Smarter Pollution measurement proves the train is the worst polluter

June 10, 2009 / 2 Comments

We may not be right about our estimates of the worst polluting commuters, at least I wasn't, with the airplane topping my list. A study conducted by Mikhail Chester and Arpath Hovard of the University of California, Berkeley, has revealed that all our assumptions aren't correct and it is the train not the plane that causes maximum damage. [caption id="attachment_5512" align="aligncenter" ...

Could Lithium Be The New Pollutant?

May 28, 2009 / No Comments

More and more new-generation vehicles are using lithium batteries in an effort to cut down pollution levels, but could it be true that lithium batteries are as damaging to the environment as gasoline? Yes, according to some experts on energy! William Tahil, research director of Meridian International Research, an independent consultancy specializing in renewable energy, is not all that happy with lithium.

Shipping Pollution Causes Health Hazards

April 15, 2009 / 1 Comment

Some confidential data from maritime industry insiders (based on engine size and the quality of fuel typically used by ships and cars) shows that just 15 of the world's biggest ships may now emit as much pollution as the entire 760m cars on world’s roads today. And it's not just an environmental issue, but also a health problem for people ...

Double Trouble: River Pollution Could Be Responsible For Fertility Problems in Men

January 22, 2009 / No Comments

Pollution seems to be having more adverse effects than once thought and with each passing day one is finding new ways and means in which it destroys life and causes harm both to humans and animals. However, this is something that will concern all the guys across the planet. New findings suggest that if water pollution continues at the rate it ...

Lifejackets to Rescue the Polar Bears from melting ice!

November 19, 2008 / No Comments

There is absolutely no doubt that carbon emissions caused by excessive use of fossil fuel and our callous cutting of trees have caused global warming to creep up to such dangerous levels that it is causing a serious threat to the polar ice caps and all the animals that reside in the cold paradise. Polar Bears have been stranded on melting ...

Pollution Kills More than AIDS

October 17, 2008 / No Comments

Pollution is killing more than AIDS in Sao Paulo, says a Sao Paulo University report Air Pollution Lab. According to the study, some nine people die each day because of pollution - which makes it some 3,500 a year. Less than half of that number of people, 1,624, die each year as a result of AIDS and traffic combined. Sao Paulo will ...

Noise Pollution in San Francisco, Harms People’s Health

October 16, 2008 / No Comments

Everyone is aware that noise pollution is a source of irritability in most people. A recent study in San Francisco reveals that 1 out of 6 people living in San Francisco face risks of heart diseases, blood pressure and high stress. Any readers from SF that can comment on that noise pollution issue? Check out the video below. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" ...

Chemical Equator Divides Air Masses Between North and South

September 23, 2008 / No Comments

We all know that in simple words, the Equator is an an imaginary line on the Earth's surface approximately equidistant from the North Pole and South Pole, but what a chemical Equator is, was out of my league. But now I know ... Scientists at the University of York from the University's Department of Chemistry, discovered an atmospheric chemical equator some ...

Beijing Traffic is Back!

September 22, 2008 / No Comments

Beijing took steps during the Olympics and before to reduce traffic. Readers will remember Beijing's attempt to be like NYC and the government's move to get half of their cars off the road. Well ... Beijing's traffic is back. These two pics show the difference. What GP wants to know is, why can they tell some cars to stay home some of the ...

Blue Rubber Ducks Crowd Thames with World Record Number

September 2, 2008 / 1 Comment

We like animals here at GP. We don't like when they are mistreated, however. And, we don't like when they pollute the place! Some 250,000 blue rubber ducks cooperated on a world record this year for the most plastic ducks in one place. Seriously. Does somebody really keep track of how many rubber ducks get together in one place from time ...