Dumfries Parade Goes Green

December 14, 2010 / No Comments

This year’s parade at Dumfries followed the ‘Eco Green’ theme that the Town Council had suggested. With several schools participating and a number of mini-parades, the eco-friendly message was passed on to participants and viewers alike.

Reusable Eco-friendly Bags in Philippine Malls

November 3, 2010 / 1 Comment

Malls and supermarkets in the Philippines will observe ‘Reusable Bag Day’ on Wednesdays from now on. They will not be giving free plastic bags to their customers, and they will also not be charging them a fee for preferring plastic bags. Plastic bags will absolutely not be available on Wednesdays.

eBay’s New Green Initiative Comes in the Form Of Eco-Friendly Boxes

September 3, 2010 / 1 Comment

In an attempt to making a green contribution to the environment, eBay is currently testing a shipping box that can be reused several numbers of times.

Return Brick Gives Broken Construction Bricks a Lego-like Avatar

March 29, 2010 / No Comments

Concrete and bricks are widely used for construction purposes, and with the wide usage that they have, there's also widespread waste of these materials. Designers Youngwoo Park, Hoyoung Lee and Miyeon Kim have attempted to create a solution for reusing the large amount of construction waste with the Return Brick concept.

Deborah – the Recycled Airplane Wing Desk

February 20, 2009 / No Comments

If you were told that a recycled desk would cost you $5000, then you would obviously think we are crazy or kidding. But that's no ordinary desk. The creative folks from Reestore have once again conjured up recycling innovation with aviation trash to create a desk out of an old airplane wing. Dubbed Deborah, it looks unusual for an office ...

De Vrouwe van Stavoren, Wine Hotel in Netherlands

January 21, 2009 / 1 Comment

It is one thing to go to bed after having a glass or two of the fine French wine that comes from the famous French chateau, but it is altogether a different experience to sleep in a wine cask that once stored this intoxicating drink. The De Vrouwe van Stavoren Hotel in Netherlands has converted four of the giant old ...

Using Plastic Garbage Bags – What’s the big deal?

July 9, 2008 / No Comments

So what if the plastic bags decomposed in just 3 months. An editor at the Asahi Shimbun opined that plastic shopping bags are NOT the biggest problem. Some 30 billion shopping bags that weigh several hundreds of thousands of tons are NOT the problem. A survey by this editor revealed - 1. 83% of those who get plastic bags reuse (recycle?) them ...