Giant Biodiesel Powered RV on a World Trip

April 13, 2010 / 1 Comment

The EcoRoamer isn't quite like many RVs you'd see. This one is a giant created by Jay Shapiro to take his family on a trip around the world. As Shapiro, his wife, two kids and two cats make their way around the world, the 42-inch tires on the RV will make negotiating tough terrains easier.

Verdier’s Incredible Solar-Powered Eco-RV

November 20, 2008 / No Comments

Most of the RVs out there are arguably the worst things to happen to the planet in terms of both efficiency and carbon emissions. But unlike those, the Verdier Solar-Powered Eco-RV is quite a simple and stunning green carrier as it mixes design, solar energy and some sort of lavish luxury. Five models dubbed Woody, Geeky, Ebony, Blueberry, and Purity, are ...