Bio-Manufactured brick cuts CO2 emissions by 800 million tons a year

May 12, 2010 / 1 Comment

Well architects don’t do this sort of a thing, meddling with the science of construction material, engaging in chemical processes to create their own building substance. Nonetheless, Ginger Krieg Dosier broke the fraternal tenet and did just that to create stuff which even the greatest of the designers, shelving utopian designs then and now, gave amiss. The young American architect, ...

Scientists Call for a Stop to Mountaintop Removal Mining

January 7, 2010 / 1 Comment

Recently, the EPA approved of the removal of some mountaintops for the purpose of opening new coal mines. The only condition is that enough steps are taken to ensure minimal damage. However, Science magazine published a new article in which twelve scientists from various US-based institutions have expressed strong disagreement and disappointment in the decision.

Electric Cars Aren’t Really All That Green, say Scientists

October 21, 2009 / 4 Comments

Electric cars have been hailed as the modern, non-polluting vehicles, but it's too early to shower them with all the praise, say scientists. In fact, if things don't change dramatically, electric vehicles may not be very green even in 2030. The problem of course doesn't lie entirely in the zero-emission electric cars, it has more to do with the generation ...

7 Things We Know about Science Friday

April 10, 2009 / No Comments

National Center for Science Education executive director Eugenie C. Scott will guest start on the first hour of NPR's Science Friday show for April 10, 2009. Here's what we know about Science Friday. Science Friday aims to make science user friendly. We at GP love when folk take a scientific approach to things. Science Friday has four blog writers - Bad Light Bulbs, ...

1833 Device Might Help in Production of Cheap Hydrogen

November 12, 2008 / No Comments

A team of Italian scientists have discovered a device crafted by G. D. Botto in 1833 that could help change the way we produce hydrogen and usher us into a tomorrow with clean hydrogen energy that is available cheaply. Uncovered by a team of scientists the Botto device, uses thermocoupling of two metals to produce electricity that can electrolyze water and ...