Singapore’s Bay South Garden to be the Largest in the Country

December 21, 2009 / 1 Comment

The designs for Bay South have just been released - it's a massive botanical preserve, which also features the tall solar trees which were also announced recently. So far, this appears to be Singapore's largest gardening project, and it's being met with great anticipation.

Singapore Wants Eco-Park on Landfill Island

November 5, 2008 / No Comments

Singapore's National Environment Agency (NEA) is currently studying the feasibility of puttin an eco-park on the Semakau landfill. Let's see, create an artificial land mass, then make it look eco-friendly. Hmm... The Semakau Landfill is on an island 8 kilometers (5 mi) south of Singapore and is used for ash disposal from Singapore's incinerators. The proposed eco-park will become a test ...