South Korea

South Korea Launches New Eco Credits Policy Plan

January 14, 2011 / No Comments

South Korea, with an objective to implement and promote sustainable development and green movement in the country, has announced a new policy plan. The Ministry of Environment’s new initiative is based on an Eco-credits program that enables the citizens to earn cash by switching on to green lifestyle.

China Emerges Surprise Leader in Clean Energy; Says Study

October 20, 2010 / No Comments

China has emerged as a surprise leader in clean energy efforts, despite being the world's top polluter, according to the Vivid Economics report, a study released on Tuesday. China has been ranked second position next to Britain in the value of its incentives to cut pollution from electricity generation.

Kang Woo-Young Collage Scape Designs Green Landscapes for the Future

October 13, 2010 / No Comments

Kang Woo-Young, an associate professor at the Kaywon School of Art and Design in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea through his project titled ‘Collage Scape’ imagines a future which depicts man-made landscape structures including landscapes which mimics the natural world’s patterns and evokes the memories of nature.

South Korea Doles Out Tax Lollies For Green R&D

July 14, 2010 / No Comments

The Government of South Korea has made its support for a greener world clear by announcing big tax benefits and support for eco-friendly technology and research. They expect that this will also be advantageous to increasing competitiveness in this field.

South Korea Brings Inductive Charging to Roads, Powers Vehicles

March 9, 2010 / No Comments

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology is making use of a new form of road, and public transport to travel. Such roads and vehicles have shown up in a number of designs and concepts, but this appears to be the largest application of the technology. Basically, roads are paved with recharging strips that transfer electric energy to the vehicles ...

Old Containers Get Better Looks in a new Life

February 18, 2010 / No Comments

Repurposing old containers isn't something brand new for Korea's Incheon City, which has one of the biggest harbors in the country. Integrating these containers into the rural landscape hasn't really shown very promising results, and it is with this in mind that the AnL studios created the OceanScope observatory.

Sky Runner: Korea’s Pedal Powered Airplane

December 18, 2009 / No Comments

The Korean Air Force Academy, South Korea has developed a pedal powered airplane. Named the Sky Runner, the plane has a very lightweight construction, and weighs in at a mere 39.9 kilos. Made of glass fibers, Styrofoam and plastics, Sky Runner has a wingspan of 30 meters.

Asia’s Tallest Building to be Built in South Korea

October 21, 2009 / No Comments

When completed in 2014, the Lotte Super Tower 123 will be the tallest building in Asia, and the second tallest in the world. A project of the Lotte Group, the tower will hold the company's headquarters, and will be built by Lotte Construction, a subsidiary of the Lotte Group.

Cloning Dogs in South Korea

August 12, 2008 / 3 Comments

I suppose that if all stray dogs had a home, I'd be more happy about the news I read where an American woman had her dog cloned in South Korea at the world's first commercial canine cloning service. The American woman's pit bull, named Booger, has five puppies cloned. Seoul's National University cooperated in the reproduction. "It's a miracle!" shouted the ...

South Korean Truckers Strike, Too

June 14, 2008 / No Comments

On a lot of levels, this doesn't make sense to me and probably you either, but South Korean truck drivers parked their trucks and let them idle away the fuel. They don't seem to have any more sense about this than their European counterparts but anyway, who's asking us?The truckers who want lower diesel fuel costs, higher fees for hauling ...