Heliospectra LED Lighting System Adopted to Grow Plants in Space

May 1, 2013 / No Comments

German Aerospace Center (DRL) has picked up Heliospectra’s new LED lighting system to be a part of the EDEN(Evolution and Design of Environmentally-closed Nutrition sources) research initiative. The advanced lighting technology that is used by Heliospectra will be utilized by the  Institute of Space Systems in Bremen, Germany, for research. The German institute will be looking to develop bioregenerative life support ...

If Only We Could Harness the Martian Methane Belch

January 17, 2009 / No Comments

If only we could harness the Martian methane belch... There was a surprising and mysterious belch of methane gas on Mars NASA says. NASA thinks there might be microbial life underground, but admitted the gas could come from changes in rocks. Methane gas on earth is by far mostly a byproduct of life — animal digestion and decaying plants and ...