South Korean Truckers Strike, Too

June 14, 2008 / No Comments

On a lot of levels, this doesn't make sense to me and probably you either, but South Korean truck drivers parked their trucks and let them idle away the fuel. They don't seem to have any more sense about this than their European counterparts but anyway, who's asking us?The truckers who want lower diesel fuel costs, higher fees for hauling ...

Spanish and French truckers on strike, against high diesel prices

June 10, 2008 / No Comments

In the "that's what happens when oil reaches new records" category (no we don't have one) truckers from Spain and France went on strike on Monday to protest against high diesel prices. And they have damn good reasons : €1.30 for a liter in Spain ($7.71 a gallon) and €1.45 in France ($8.62 a gallon). This is 40-percent more than ...