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UFO is Unpredictable Foreign Obstacle to Wind Turbine

January 13, 2009 / No Comments

There's an investigation going on in Lincolnshire, UK. Locals are saying that an UFO might be the cause for damage to a wind turbine. A strange light appeared from nowhere causing damage to the giant whirlygig. Hmm ... well, I don't believe in UFOs, and I suppose there are people who don't believe that wind turbines are a viable source for ...

Suzlon Energy Clarifies on Broken Turbine Blade in the US

October 24, 2008 / No Comments

India-based Suzlon Energy Ltd - the largest wind turbine manufacturer in Asia, announced on Friday that one of their wind turbine blades in the US, suffered an extremely rare and unusual incident, accidental breakage. [caption id="attachment_2064" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Suzlon windmill farm at Chitradurga"][/caption] We're talking about a "single V2 blade on a Suzlon S.88 turbine", while the rest are still operating without ...