Wave Power

Sailing ships harvesting ocean wind energy could meet energy needs of entire planet

May 28, 2010 / No Comments

With dwindling fossil fuel resources we are working with solar, wind and tidal alternatives to generate power. Just a few days back we talked about an underwater kite feeding on tidal energy to generate power. Taking a step forward, researchers at the University of California are working upon sailing ships that could harvest energy from the ocean far away from ...

From Hawaii to Japan using only the power of the waves

March 17, 2008 / 1 Comment

Japanese yachtsman Kenichi Horie, decided to go from Hawaii (Honolulu Harbor) to Japan in a 7,000 km (4,400 miles) journey on the deck of his wave-powered boat Suntory Mermaid II, Reuters reported. His catamaran-like boat has two wings in front that will convert energy using the vertical motion of the waves in a movement similar to a dolphin's kick. This is ...