Wildlife Smugglers Watch Out! Sniffer Dogs on the Prowl [Video]

April 8, 2013 / No Comments

The US Fish and Welfare Service has introduced a new project to stop the illegal smuggling of rhino horns, elephant ivory, snake skins and the like. The authorities have trained four dogs to sniff out elephant ivory, rhino horns and similar stuff. The dogs are named Viper, Butter, Lancer and Locket. Over the last 13 weeks, the four dogs were trained ...

Justin Timberlake’s Green Golf Course in Tennessee Reopens

September 7, 2010 / 1 Comment

The eco-friendly Tennessee golf resort owned by entertainer Justin Timberlake has been reopened. Reports say the musician has spent a fortune in the green makeover. The luxury resort in Mirimichi was closed down in January by Timberlake, and work was done on improving the golf course’s greens, irrigation systems and bunkers.

17 Florida Panthers Killed in Road Accidents in 2009

January 8, 2010 / No Comments

The Florida panther is getting dangerously close to extinction, with only about 100 of them left in the wild. To make matters worse, just last year 17 of them perished in car accidents, according to Defenders of Wildlife. The number sets a new record - a grim one.

10 Best Places to Find World Wildlife Photography

June 3, 2009 / 9 Comments

Here at Greenpacks, the animals that share our planet are our friends. We not only have a responsibility to care for our planet for those we leave behind, our children and their children, but also for those who have no control over how we abuse it, how we infringe on their habitats, how we make life miserable for them. Besides, ...

Leopard vs Crocodile – Who wins (Series of Pics)

July 23, 2008 / 1 Comment

When a leopard goes up against a crocodile, who you gonna bet on? A wildlife photographer who was shooting hippos at a waterhole in Kruger National Park happened upon an encounter between the two. A fearsome fight ensued with a history of the crocodiles getting the upper jaw. But this time? The leopard attacks   The cat hits the ...

Three White Lion Cubs Looking for a Home

July 16, 2008 / 14 Comments

"I want my mommy!" "Doesn't anybody love us?" "We're hungry!" "I need burping!" "Well, at least we have each other." "Alright guys! Let's stick together." I guess I am naive enough to think that only humans can be so heartless as to turn away their own children. Not so. A white lion in Schloss-Holte Stukenbrock of Germany rejected her three cubs. What's up with that? Let ...