Wind power

Sweden Set to Build 2000 Wind Turbines in Ten Years

March 2, 2010 / No Comments

Sweden is set to build 2000 new wind turbines during the next ten years, as a part of its project aimed at dramatically increasing the country's production of renewable energy - this was all revealed in a statement by Enterprise and Energy Minister Maud Olofsson on Tuesday.

USA’s First Ocean Wind Farm to be Built by Deepwater Wind

December 11, 2009 / No Comments

Deepwater Wind may be located in the US's smallest state, but that didn't stop them from securing a deal to sell power on Thursday. The project's long-term goals aim to provide power for 15% of the state's demands, and is scheduled for 20 years. Deepwater Wind will sell electricity generated from up to 8 turbines, totaling a 28 megawatts production.

Data Center Powered Entirely by Wind

December 3, 2009 / No Comments

In Woodstock, Illinois, Other World Computing's laboratory has managed to get 100% of its needed power through wind turbines placed on-site. The turbines used are 39 meters in diameter, with a capacity of 500 kilowatts. The estimated output is around 1,250,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) annually. OWC are running other operations as well, but this one uses about twice as much ...

Rooftop Wind Turbines

April 14, 2009 / No Comments

I was the first one in my neighborhood to get solar panels. That was when I lived in Japan and more than 20+ years ago. I wonder if I can be the first one in Sunnyvale (home to Yahoo) to have a wind turbine on the roof of my house. I wonder if I want to be the first person ...

5 Steps to Green Hosting

November 23, 2008 / No Comments

Jason Keath at "Jason Keath - Where Old Media Goes to Die" offered up his 5-step plan to "Green Hosting". Buy Your Own Offset Credits -Resources: How to buy carbon credits ( | Carbon credit price comparisons. Read Jason's tip. Use Hosting that Buys Credits - Jason's recomendation - One good option in this direction is Dreamhost. Use Hosting that Buys Green Energy ...

Green Prison Farms, or Learning Behind Bars

November 4, 2008 / No Comments

There's a green prison farm, the Cedar Creek Corrections Center, about 25 miles outside Olympia, the capital of Washington state, where inmates, murderers and elsewise, are being used to cultivate the green prison farms. [caption id="attachment_2425" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="A medium-security inmate at the Cedar Creek Corrections Center, uses a botanical keybook to identify moss as part of a forest conservation ...

Why is the Statue of Liberty Green?

October 30, 2008 / 4 Comments

The Statue of Liberty is dubbed as a symbol of freedom to the shackled, a symbol of hope to the deprived, a symbol of refuge to the homeless and beyond all, a glorious symbol of human spirit and its undying faith in a better tomorrow. The planet today is at a delicate and vital turn where every move we make ...

England, Wind Power ‘Capital City’ in Europe

October 23, 2008 / No Comments

The north-east of England is soon to become the centre of an enormous wind farm industry that is being proposed to be set up because of its close proximity to the sea. Today with 3GW (a supply enough for 2m homes) of the 75GW of electricity consumed, Britain has come up to the fifth position, leaving behind Denmark in the ...

Producing Hydrogen from Wind Power Being Tested

July 21, 2008 / 1 Comment

  Hokkaido is Japan's northernmost main island. The island recently hosted the G-8 Summit at Lake Toya. I know the place, got a speeding ticket there once, which, btw, has nothing to do with this post. The Wakkanai Alternative and Renewable Energy Study Group and Heiren Energy Inc. are jointly testing a system that will store hydrogen that was produced through electrolysis ...

The Pickens Plan to Get America Weaned Off Foreign Oil

July 8, 2008 / 1 Comment

Can an oil man talk America into weaning itself from its dependency on the black gold? Is there a quick fix, even partial quick fix. Pickens thinks so. It's wind power. What do you think?