Wind power

Wind Power Contributes to World Record for Tyson Gay

June 30, 2008 / No Comments

Wind power. There's an obvious reason, okay, maybe not so obvious reason to some why it is such a good thing. Wind power was attributed to helping Tyson Gay run the fastest ever 100 meters in history - 9.68 at the U. S. Olympic trials in Eugene, OR. The record, however, was aided with the help of a tailwind that ...

5 Reasons Why New Wind Power Facilities Are Dropping Off

June 24, 2008 / No Comments

Japan was going great guns on adding wind power generating facilities...until last year. The number of new facilities added in '07 was half of what was added in '06. New wind turbines that started operation in Japan last year had a capacity of 185Kw. It was double that in '06. There are reasons for the drop off: 1. Utilities in northern Japan ...

Wind Power: Norway Could Become Europe’s Battery

May 27, 2008 / No Comments

World's number 5 oil exporter, Norway has big energy resources and by 2025 it could become "Europe's battery". The island of Utsira, Norway - image by tualatin A recent study talked about developing sea-based wind parks that would allow access up to 8,000 megawatts of renewable energy, equivalent to about eight nuclear power plants. Exporting green energy would actually help the ...