Three Topless PETA Demonstrators outside KFC

July 14, 2008 / 28 Comments

toplesspetakfc1 Three Topless PETA Demonstrators outside KFC

Where’s my camera when I need it? And why don’t these girls do their thing at a KFC near me, dang it? Topless demonstrators for PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) were spotted hanging outside a KFC joint in central Sydney.

Here birdie, birdie. Here birdie…

toplesspetakfc2 Three Topless PETA Demonstrators outside KFC

What you hiding there, honey? You got something to say? Then how about saying it out in the open? Other than the ladies that posed nude for the planet, PETA is trying the bare skin approach, too. Good luck girls.


Can I get your autograph?

Yo! Ladies. We have KFCs here in California. And, you know, there are no laws against going naked in San Francisco? I suppose if you went topless there, nobody would care. Well, nobody but me.


Police were called in to arrest the girls and detain them. I suppose there were no shortage of volunteers for that duty at the downtown Sydney police station.