Recycled Babies in Scotland

July 18, 2008 / 4 Comments

recycledbaby Recycled Babies in Scotland

Reborn, born again, recycled, all seems the same to me. There’s a baby maker in Foutainhall, Scotland – near Edinburgh, who makes, well, um, babies. Except her babies are not real. For some, they are too much like real babies. They are crafted in vinyl and have become quite popular with collectors and nostalgic grandparents, not to mention parents who have lost their little ones.

recycledbaby1 Recycled Babies in Scotland

I’m not buying it. A plastic baby can’t replace a real baby. Still, these babies are painted over several times to create the newborn skin feeling. They have mohair (not sure what that is) and eyelashes (I know what they are). The babies are also weighted to feel as heavy as a human baby.


So, why don’t people who buy these babies try the adoption thing? There are children looking for parents. Can you say India and China? Why would anybody want a plastic doll when they could have a living doll in need of a real parent? Our planet is crowded enough. Why recycle babies?


Our last question is if these babies need green diapers or not. Guess not, right?