Atlanta Zoo Adds to Panda Boom

September 1, 2008 / No Comments

pandaatlanta Atlanta Zoo Adds to Panda BoomPandas may be in short supply in Sichuan, China, where they come from. Earthquakes may be chasing them about and such.

But, elsewhere, Pandas are making a comeback … well, sorta.

The first panda born in the US this year was born in the Atlanta Zoo.

The little sex-to-be-determined critter’s sister, Mei Lan, is a couple weeks shy of her second birthday.

Zookeepers are still hoping there’s a twin inside yet to come out. “Jacob? Are you in there?!”

The sex of the newborn will be determined in a couple of weeks, sometime after mom lets them touch the cub. Until then, STAY CLEAR OF THE MAMA PANDA!

Well, this mama panda seems to be a bit frisky. I wonder if they have been taking videos to pass around the panda world to get others in the mood? What is it with Pandas anyway? I bet the fellas are game.

How do you say in Panda language, “Not tonight, I have a headache?”

Just for the records, that follows last week’s Panda artificial insemination at the Oji Zoo, in Japan