Solar Tree Concept by Vivien Muller

September 4, 2008 / No Comments

There are times, when we think we’ve done enough bad and it’s time for some good. A couple of years ago when I didn’t care much about the planet, pollution and stuff like that, I realized that I’ve never planted a tree in my life. So what happened? I bought one and planted it in my parent’s garden, at their house outside the city.

solar tree concept Solar Tree Concept by Vivien Muller

Since then, technology advanced, and for those that won’t plant a real tree we have the solution. The solar tree. Designed by Vivien Muller and using 54 photovoltaic cells (when blooming) it has a bonsai tree aspect (with some sort of solar “leaves”?) and is both a great piece of decoration and a pretty useful eco-gadget; doesn’t require watering and will power at least some of your electronics by using solar power.

solar tree concept 1 Solar Tree Concept by Vivien Muller

So what are you going to do, buy a solar tree for your gadgets or seed a real tree? I’ll go for the latter.

via Gizmodo

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