Climate Change Bleaches Corals

October 29, 2008 / No Comments

Corals at the Great Barrier Reef are soaking up carbon dioxide at new levels say researchers. As a result, the corals may (operative word) be accelerating bleaching and some might (operative word) be destroyed by 2050.

great barrier reef corals 1 Climate Change Bleaches Corals

great barrier reef corals 2 Climate Change Bleaches Corals

I say operative word because the actual effect is not known and the ultimate outcome is still very much everyone’s best guess. Could, maybe, might, perhaps… When the scientists say will, have been proven to, and did, I’ll listen.

Indeed, I’ll say it yet again – Let’s be good stewards of our Planet. Let’s treat Earth as if it is the only home we will ever have. Let’s be responsible. Let’s be thrifty. But, not because the climate is changing. That’s what the climate does.