Solar Bridge in Copenhagen by Steven Holl

November 12, 2008 / No Comments

The Copenhagen waterfront will soon have a stunning green jewel that will steal the spotlight with its incredible architecture, high class design and green features that compliment its beautiful structure with
elegant ease.

steven holl solar bridge in copenhagen 1 Solar Bridge in Copenhagen by Steven Holl

It is not very often that you get architectural pieces such as the LM Project by Steven Holl Architects which blends in utility, profitability and eco-friendly enterprise in such a vibrant and visually stunning fashion. It consists of two towers named Langenlinine and Marmormolen which stay connected with the city, forming a grand green structure that welcomes you to Copenhagen.

The towers take inspiration from modern eco-architecture and the city’s old port, offering a spectacular walkway that connects with the offices, has a public auditorium and other structures all covered with photovoltaic solar panels that generate green energy.

steven holl solar bridge in copenhagen 2 Solar Bridge in Copenhagen by Steven Holl

Apart from giving visitors a spectacular walk on top of the sea, the walkway is flanked by wind turbines that produce energy to light up the public places of the two towers. The solar screens and the large windows, also allow ample natural ventilation due to their reflective nature and also act as great temperature regulators.

The LM Project is truly a grand and green amalgamation of architecture with enterprise and creativity with eco-conscious intent. – via WAN